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Before – After: Raw Data vs 16bit TIFF from SPP (Camera Reviews, Sigma DP2M)

The difference between the amount of data retained in the original DP2M capture, and the SPP produced TIFF file is amazing.
To test it, I’ve exported the photo with the default settings:
Here, on the other hand – you can see the amount of data lost in the tiff when comparing the -2 stops images of both original RAW and TIFF:

The data in the sky is clearly lost in the TIFF, unlike what can be easily seen inside SPP editor.

Multiple TIFF exposure exports are required from Sigma’s SPP program in order to capture the whole latitude range of the DP2M. This effectively means that in order to get the best out of your Sigma DP2M files – export 2 or 3 photos from SPP with different exposure values, and import them into Photoshop (or any other similar tool) as HDR tone-mapped material. That is of course, if the default exposure/latitude of the particular image is not to your satisfaction.