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The game ‘Paws of Steel’ is out!

So in a kind of different news ( not B2B/Operations related 🙂 ) – one of my passion projects, “Paws of Steel” – a free indie game for Windows platform is out on itch.io platform.

Lot’s of efforts went into this one over weekends with many good friends – Martin Climatiano on the code, Oded Bengigi on the Art, Ilya Gertman and Markus Gembaczka on Sound Design & Music. I did the level design and writing, hopefully the gamers out there will appreciate the references (there are many) to old school games, movies and songs.

If you are running a Windows PC and would like to play a cool, funny top-down shooter. Give it a go. It’s free and it made with *love*. Do note the game is not for kids (cartoonish violence, but violence nonetheless). Your feedback and support will push us forward to hopefully publish it on additional platforms (steam? consoles?), add some content and get more people to play it.